In July of summer past, I was on the other sides of the States.

I had taken a couple of weeks off work at the CBC to travel through the southwest with some friends from Belgium.

Them Flemish gals were on a one-month expedition through those parts, so after spending a few days in San Francisco by myself, I met up with them in Los Angeles to join in on a portion of their road trip.

In a little blue rental, we covered a lot of ground in a very short amount of time; mountainous ground, desert ground, prickly and rocky and grandiose ground that you’ve only ever seen on a calendar.

Of all the places we hit, however, the spot that took my breath the most was the Grand Canyon.

I could NOT stop clicking the camera shutter as we walked around the rim that afternoon.

The site of my own shoes hanging over a mile-long drop hardly sunk in as real. Each angle of the view brought a new perspective; the colours seemed to change every time we gazed over what surely had to be a painting.

Though a picture is worth one thousand words, I needed only 119 of them when I sought to catch the day in writing.

Here they are as I wrote them exactly one year ago; words that give me goosebumps, even now, and ones that perhaps need to be repeated, regardless of the thing in front of us –

“Today – we stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

And I cried.

Unbelievable hues extending farther than my sight.

Stone and rock beneath me weathered, yet eternally steadfast.

Air – a kind so intoxicating – brewing in the cracks before POURING over the rim.

All part of a masterpiece proclaiming the most brilliant reminder:

Between the ticking of our daily routines, outside of our conversations and decisions, and regardless of the storms in our heads – what makes us anxious, what we must do tomorrow, where we should go next –

There is something so much greater happening right NOW – independent from our influence and so beautifully and perfectly out of our control.

That, is grand.

Breathe in, friends! Refresh!”

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset




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